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קרא עוד

The IDF Experience - CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit)

The day’s activities are based on a variety of challenging combat exercises, allowing all participants to experience a virtual CTU school, modified for civilians with various abilities. The day is modeled on the IDF’s Counter Terrorism Course, and instructed by experienced ex Special Forces instructors.
All exercises revolve around teamwork. Our goal is to allow each participant the opportunity to lead and focus on key values and each participant will have the chance to experience each part of the program within a group dynamic.


Activity Description:

We match the intensity of training, the pace, and the chosen core values to the group’s age level and ability. We work to emphasize core values of the IDF, particularly those of the Special Forces, through the various activities throughout the day.


The main values are:

Maturity and Responsibility
Working Under Pressure
Israeli Identity


Activity Stations:

Infantry-Open-terrain fighting. This serves as the foundation for every Special Forces operator.
KravMaga –Hand-to-Hand combat, led by a qualified and experienced KravMaga instructor accompanied by a team operator.
“Monkeys” (Rappelling) – A rappelling station for simulating the work of the rappelling team method of fighting, similar to what is done in Sayeret Matkal.
CQB (Close-Quarters Battle) – Fighting inside a building or in a cramped environment, according to the techniques of the Israeli Special Forces.
Camouflage – Blending into your surroundings, Shadow Walking, using nature to your advantage, stealth training.


The Basic Package includes:

Instructors – former combat soldiers and professional instructors.
Rappelling station – rappelling down a building and firing at targets through windows of several floors with paintball rifles.
Krav Maga station – a professional Krav Maga instructor experienced in working with all ages and all levels.
Infantry station – open terrain combat
Targets and necessary equipment for each station.
Insurance- special Extreme Activity Insurance.

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