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ZIKIT is proud to be the industry leader in the areas of group teambuilding and ODT – Outdoor Training. We can provide your group, school, company, or unit with a wide variety of professionally planned teambuilding activities and even entire days dedicated to helping the group better understand its own workings, appreciate each group member, and generate new group goals and the means of their attainment. Some of the issues that arise in our uniquely experiential approach to group learning include: communication, planning, leadership, group norms, cooperation, conflict resolution and camraderie – all within the context of working fun! Our approach is ideal for safely exploring existing group dynamics and creating each group’s unique change-vector that will move them towards higher goals and agreed changes in group culture.

Some of the teambuilding challenges are in an environment of intra-group competition amongst sub-groups while others require the team effort of the entire group as a single organic unit. We offer group teambuilding from 90 minutes to an entire day – and even multiday experiences for those who are looking for deeper group work.

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