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security forces Training

Since 2001, Zikit has provided professional tactical training to a wide variety of governmental, professional, and civilian bodies. We are registered Official Suppliers to the IDF, Israel Police, Ministry of Defense, Foreign Minsistry, and numerous other governmental agencies. We have also provided corporate trainings to companies such as Cellcom, Tara, Pelephone, Orange, Intel, and many others. Working with the latest paintball and laser tag equipment, we have provided customized trainings to civilian terror response teams (Kitot Konnenut) in Yehuda and Shomron and have worked closely with the security forces to develop and train for response scenarios in high-density targets such as schools, kindergartens, shopping centers, and public institutions. We offer a civilian version of our professional tactical training to tour groups, schools, birthday parties, and other private groups looking for something a bit different.

For details and reservations, please call 972-2-9934884

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